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Brevard Zoo- Melbourne, FL- A fun time for all


Today we visited the Brevard Zoo in Melbourne, Fl. We were impressed from the get go. The animals had lots of room to roam, the displays were informative and there were lots of interactive things to do, touch, and feel, for the kids and “big kids” too!

The day started out with a photographers worst nightmare. I clicked the first photo at the entrance gate, no problem. The first exhibit we saw was the Meerkats. There were 3 one month old babies in the exhibit with all the other adults ( so cute) so of course I held up the Nikon. I clicked the shutter and got a message “out of memory”. The memory card was back in the RV inside the laptop. UGH!! Now my hand is against my forehead it utter frustration!!!! I was not going to spend $20 for a 4GB card at the gift shop (hitting head again) !!! So, all of these photos were taken with our iPhones.

The park is divided into several areas:
Paws on play, which includes water play, a petting area and touch tank.

Expedition Africa, which includes Giraffes, rhinos, and other African wildlife,

Wild Florida showcases Florida wildlife huge Alligators, a 250 pound Crocodile, Bald eagles and other endangered species native to Florida.

La Selva or “the jungle” showcases Jaguars, monkeys, and tropical birds.

Australasia has a free flight aviary including cockatoos, cockatiels, parrots and rainbow Lorikeets.

We had a great time feeding the Rainbow Lorikeets. We each bought a little cup of fruity nectar for $1. (what a bargain!!) The zoo volunteers told us to cover the cup with our hand, walk into the center of the exhibit then take your hand off the cup. Well we didn’t even have a chance to take our hands off the cup we were covered in birds!! The birds did nip Kate when she tried to move the cup away. One of the birds started nibbling on my necklace after the cup was empty. The birds put a smile on our faces, and I started to forget about the Nikon.

We took a break at the zoo cafe and had a wonderful lunch of grilled Mahi in soft tacos and sweet potato fries. There were lots of tables in the shade to sit at, we had a table for 2 right next to the Flamingos.

The zoo also offers paddle boats rentals, kayak tours, and a zip line/ tree trek adventure.

We really enjoyed walking around the zoo. Including lunch we spent about 4 hours there and plan to go back to try the Tree top trek, zip line adventure, and kayaking tour in the future. This is how our “paws” roll!


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