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Our first RV renovation


We purchased a Fleetwood Storm 29MS in May 2014. This is the very first RV that we have owned. The experience has been quite an adventure, and I’d like to tell you about our first modification that we have made which actually involved screws! I’ve seen photos on Facebook of screws coming out the back wall or side wall of the RV. Using Screws on the RV is something that we have avoided at all cost. In fact, Command Hooks have become our best friends inside the RV.
The Storm MS has a convertible “dinette to bed option” but it does not have a separate sofa. Besides being a place to sit at, the Dinette top also serves as an additional flat surface for eating, working on a laptop, cooking prep, like a kitchen table. When we first started camping in our RV we were only going out for a few days at a time. In the evenings after dinner, we would convert the dinette to the bed for watching TV. The next morning we would convert the bed back to a dinette for breakfast and use during the day. The table top of the dinette fits between the 2 benches to make the bed.
The Storm MS has a flat screen TV mounted on a swing out arm above the passenger seat. There are additional connections for a TV in the bedroom, but we do not have one at this time. Watching TV from the dinette is an option, but we can’t really sit together. We were sitting on opposite sides leaning against the wall with our legs stretched out on the bench. The cats didn’t really like this set up either, they like to lay next to us or sit on a lap. When we lived in an apartment, we enjoyed sitting together and stretching out.
My partner Kate had the idea to somehow create another table between the driver and passenger seat so we could leave the dinette opened up like an oversized couch. We wanted a small table to sit at for meals, or to work on the laptop, etc. This might involve screws…. A bit scary.
We consulted a friend with much more RV experience then us. She suggested buying the table leg and parts to attach the table to the floor and to a table top. She actually ordered the parts for us from Amazon. Now we needed to figure how big of a table we wanted. We ended up walking through Home Depot and happened to find a round wooden table top already cut. This would be perfect, especially at the cost of $7.00! We decided to keep the natural color of the wood and put on a coat of sealer just for projection.
Now comes the scary part…. Screws! We had a different RV friend come help us with the table installation. He was a bit hesitant to drill thru the carpet, afraid the carpet would shred or pull around the drill bit. The floor was very difficult to drill through, most likely because it’s a fire wall. We now have a new table! The tabletop is very lightweight and will be easy to store when we are traveling. We leave the dinette in the converted position now all the time. The space feels more open without the dinette table top. We gained a nice storage area under the dinette for fabric storage boxes and best of all, we can sit side by side with pillows and the cats have lots of room to hang out with us! We love our first true RV modification!


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