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How to Maintain the Day/Night Shades of Your RV Clean


The recreational vehicle or the widely known RV is something very nice for a person and family to have. It will allow you to travel a lot cheaper and to make the best resort even from the most unusual places in the country.

It is of course great responsibility like everything else. The RV is like a whole home so it needs the same care as you take for your house or apartment. The most common type of these vehicles include kitchen, bathroom, living room and a bedroom. Of course there are many modifications – RVs can be a lot bigger or smaller. It depends on the finances of the people who are going to use it.

 In case you hear the words caravan, motorhome or camper, you should know that they refer to the same vehicle. You should feel very lucky because you will be able to stay at many places and most of all enjoy the nature and be close to it whenever the weather allows it.

There are many tips that will help you clean and keep the RV looking nice and cozy. Usually the day/night shapes are some of the most used and the most useful parts of the vehicle. That is why it is good to keep them in good condition.

There is nothing difficult about cleaning the shades. You will need few simple things to do the cleaning the right way. The water and the vacuum cleaner are two things without which you can not go. Try also to supply with bathtub, spray starch and special detergent called OxiClean or something similar. Like every other cleaning to start with the vacuum cleaning is recommended. It will remove the dust and will not allow it to be spread all over the surface of the shades or to go deep inside the fabric. Do this while the day/night shades are still on their places and do not use too strong setting of the vacuum cleaner for them.

 After you are done with this first step, carefully remove the shades from where they are hanging and also carefully take them outside on open space. This is the time when you will need the bathtub. Fill it all with warm water and add the necessary quantity of the detergent, you have already prepared. Follow the instructions of the manufacturer carefully, so you will not be facing unpleasant surprises.

 After the detergent and the water have mixed well together, this is the time when you have to put the shades inside the water. Leave them like that for thirty minutes and repeat the procedure as the next time you add no detergent to the water. Take the shades out and leave them drying on a safe place.

 You can put them back to their place when they are completely dry. What you can do as well is to unfold them all the way down and then spray the surface with the starch spray you have prepared. It will be best to leave them dry as the shades are fully folded up. Thus they will crease the right way.

 Keep in mind that the method which was just presented to you is only for fabric shades. Any other materials should be treated according to the instructions of the manufacturer. When you have stubborn spots, you should spray the whole surface of the shade with the cleaning spray, not only the harmed spot. Sometimes scrubbing is needed though it is something that is not so recommended.

 Be extremely careful with the steam cleaning and try small parts of the shades first, before you use this type of cleaning to the whole surface of the shade.



Bio: Amber Collins is a professional content writer, blogger and specializes in everything related to moving homes and relocations in Shoreditch, UK, home improvement and management, so as family travelings. She is constantly searching for new adventures and EC1 places to be discovered, so the perfect vacation for her is jumping in the family RV and driving away. As a dedicated housewife and mother, she is giving practical advice on how to keep your RV clean and ready for the next trip.


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