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My Fitness Pal Offers Support While On The Road

healthy food choicesI love this website. It is a community based website that allows individuals to track their diet, exercise, water consumption, measurements, and dietary goals.

The community allows you to interact with other dieters to give and receive encouragement, talk about what works and what doesn’t. It offers forums, a personal blog, and interactive personal friends list.  We use it to support our family and friends across the country. It is so nice to stay connected and be able to offer encouragement across the miles as we travel.

My husband and I both are diabetics and counting carbs and sugar has never been easier!

It also makes tracking other dietary concerns like sodium easier, because in addition to tracking essential weight loss concerns it also gives the individual choices of tracking calories, fiber, protein, vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, iron, fat, saturated fat, polyunsaturated fat, monounsaturated fat, trans fat, cholesterol, sodium, and potassium all of these choices truly put the individual in charge of their own dietary lifestyle choices. Information is truly power. Giving the individual this information, truly makes their diet choices easier as they use My Fitness Pal for  weight loss or gain in their healthy life choices and in tracking their progress, physical activity, and goals more easily tracked online.

My Fitness Pal community is free to join and use without a credit card. There are more than 500,000 foods included in their database. Users also have the ability to add foods and menus to their daily records as they go. Ability to list your ingredients for your very own recipes in a peer based community.

Mobile applications are available for the iPhone and Android based systems letting you easily keep updated on the go.

The community provides support through use of integrated tools and peer communication. Active communities tend to be more viable than inactive communities.

Product Features include a food journal which is one of the best tools to track calories intake. This is an awesome benefit for many dieters who don’t want to write everything down or try to remember everything eaten or drank throughout the day and then spend an hour or so writing everything in at the end of the day when it is already too late to change anything that you already ate. It is much easier to track on the go and be able to see what you have already racked up in calories, sugars, sodium, saturated fat or anything else you are tracking.

You can also go back and edit entries and track your water consumption.

The website also alerts you when you may be losing too quickly so you and your doctor can evaluate if you are losing weight safely.

My husband’s nutrition doctors love the fact that we can print out screen shots of his summaries and I love the fact that he can visibly see what effect that certain foods have on our goals.

My Fitness Pal is a free service, so dieters can use all the tools without fear if being charged for the service. Last of all I love it because it works! I have lost 56 pounds and my hubby has lost 45 pounds. We are making wiser more healthy choices and we are benefiting from the power of having the information at our fingertips before we even plan a meal we can enter it in and see how it will affect our goals and then decide if we really want to eat or drink those food choices. It also helps us decide the amount of food we want to indulge in.

We love having this tool at our fingertips!


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