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Amazing inflatable kayak- Sea Eagle 330


One of the best investments we ever made was buying a Sea Eagle 330 Inflatable Sport Kayak on Craigslist! We found a steal of a deal. For $200 dollars we bought a kayak, 2 paddles, life jackets, water shoes, a pump for inflation, seats and the carry bag. We scored! We decided that an inflatable kayak would be a great first kayak for us since we could store it in one of the RV bins. We didn’t want to have to purchase a car carrier/rack for our first kayak.

The first place we tried the kayak was in our apartment complex pool! No kidding! We inflated it next to the pool and practiced getting in and out. It was a small pool, but we were able to get some short strokes in. It was just what we needed to get used to how the kayak felt and moved.

Sea Eagle Boats, INC is a family owned and operated business. They have been making boats since 1968. The boats were mainly sold through catalogs. They manufacture a variety of boats including 10 different kayaks, pontoon fishing boats, and even an inflatable canoe. The company says the kayaks can even be checked as luggage since they are so light and compact.

The Sea Eagle kayaks can be taken through rapids, or gently paddled on a lake. The kayak weighs 26 pounds and the carry bag doesn’t take up much space at all. We pack it in one of the RV bins underneath. We have also take the kayak in the car, and the bag fits just fine in the back of the Honda CRV. The kayak is very durable and can hold 2 people or up to 500 pounds.

Inflating the kayak is very easy. The foot pump is fast and gets the boat inflated in under 15 minutes. One way valves make keeping the air inside the boat a piece of cake for inflation and fast deflation. The 2 of us are very comfortable sitting in the kayak. I am 5’9 and have plenty of room for my legs in the back of the kayak. There is a bit of storage space even behind the back seat. We are able to fit a small dry bag there. There is also some rope/trim along the front and back so you could hook a bungee cord to carry additional gear. The hardest part is transporting the kayak once it is inflated. Carrying it to the water’s edge with paddles and additional gear can be a little tricky.

We have used the kayak in both fresh and saltwater. It handles very well with 2 paddlers. We enjoyed the comfort and stability. While in Maine we used the kayak to explore the Western Bay in Bar Harbor. It was neat to paddle around the edge of the campground and see crabs, fish, hermit crabs, and even a squid in the salt water. We have also taken the kayak on a fresh water lake. Since we are beginners, we don’t have any plans to use the kayak in rapids. The Sea Eagle 330 seems to be a popular choice among RV’ers. We have met 2 other couples that also own the 330. They like the compact size and easy set up too!

The Sea Eagle 330 Deluxe kayak package includes 2 paddles, 2 inflatable seats, a foot pump and carry bag advertised on the web site for $279 (valued at $525). We have really enjoyed our Kayak and look forward to many more water adventures!


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