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A handy addition called The Yard Stash


When we think of buying a present for our loved one on Valentine’s Day most people think about flowers, chocolate, a mushy greeting card or maybe a candy heart. My Valentine bought me a Yard Stash for Valentine’s Day last year!

The Yard stash has been a great addition to our RV storage solutions! Most camping sites include a picnic table and a fire ring, but no storage shed. We have bicycles and wanted to have a place to store them and lock them up at the campsite. I’ve seen bikes stashed under the neck of 5th wheels, or locked to RV bumpers, which maybe fine for a weekend, but not for a season. We wanted to have protection from the elements for our new bicycles, and didn’t want them “visible” to other campers. The Yard stash was the perfect solution for us. We have 2 full size adult Diamond Hybrid bikes inside the yard stash. We are also able to store some additional gear; the bike helmets, bike car rack, bike pump, and other outdoor supplies. If rain is in the forecast, the fold up camp chairs also fit inside the Yard stash. The full zippers keep everything dry, and prevent dust and critters from getting inside. There is a small vent in the front of the tent that can be opened for ventilation. We had quite a bit a rain in Maine, and the Yard stash kept everything nice and dry!

The Yard stash is like a portable shed for outdoor gear or equipment. The storage options are endless! The Yard stash could be used for bikes, pool supplies, outdoor toys, garden tools and pots, storage of plastic containers, or other outdoor equipment.

The Yard Stash is made out of heavy duty waterproof, UV material. It has a rip proof tarpaulin roof and full zippers that make access very easy. The floor of the tent is also made from a heavy duty material. Being able to unzip the doorway along the top and bottom makes getting equipment in and out very easy.

The Yard Stash comes in its own carrying bag, and was very easy to set up. The website has a suggested set up time of 15 minutes. The poles are color coded which made set up very easy. Since we are stationary in our RV for 6 months, we set up the Yard Stash directly against the back of the RV. The tent is made in a space saving design with a flat back wall. There is a flap in the back wall of the Yard Stash that allows for a cable to be passed through so equipment inside can be locked up. We have a long cable the goes around the RV bumper to the bicycles. I really liked the flap feature because the bikes are “out of sight” and locked for extra security. The Yard Stash is green so it fits into the surroundings of camping well, it doesn’t draw a lot of attention at all.

Make the Yard Stash a part of your portable RV storage space!


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