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Review of The NuWave Oven and cooktop


Being newbies to the RV lifestyle we looked into various alternative cooking options while on the road. Our Fleetwoood Storm has a teeny tiny gas stove and gas burners. Coming from apartment life, we weren’t sure how we would adapt to using such a small oven.

While looking at various RV forums, many people raved about their NuWave Ovens and cooktops. We decided to get one of each. Actually we ended up with two cooktops and one NuWave to give us even more cooking options. We figured it could be possible to use two cooktops at the same time. (One for a skillet and one for a pot).

The NuWave is easy to use and very portable. We really like cooking outside with it. It is a convection oven so cooking times tend to be much different. Basically anything you can cook in an oven you can cook in the NuWave.

It’s easy to find recipes, ideas, and suggested cooking times on the Internet. We tend to cut most cooking times almost in half. Sometimes we just add a few minutes at a time until the food is cooked how we like it.

The oven that we bought includes a liner pan, two racks, and a lid holder. You can use the shorter rack by itself or layer/stack the two racks to hold more food.

One of our favorite things to cook in the NuWave oven is chicken wings. Marinated wings cook up juicy and crispy in a matter of 20 minutes! Yes 20 Minutes! We fill up both racks with the wings. The convention heat Browns the wings right up! We have had people walk past our campsite saying they could smell something way down the road!

We’ve owned our RV a little over one year and have never used the gas oven or burners. We always pull out the NuWave!

We’ve cooked chicken, fish, burgers, sausage, onion rings and even a Thanksgiving Turkey in the NuWave. The Turkey was done in a much shorter amount of time ( about 3 hours) and it was super juicy! We did have to turn the turkey over about halfway through the cooking. That was a little tricky but we did it!

You can use any kind of oven safe pan in the NuWave oven. We have used a non stick cake pan and a small stoneware pan simply because they fit the best. We have bought silicone pans, but haven’t tried them yet. There is no “pre heating” which we really love! You simply punch in the cooking time, temperature and the oven starts cooking right away! That’s a big time saver right there!

The cooktop does require copper bottom induction pans. We bought a set of NuWave brand pots/skillets at Walmart. The cooktop only gets hot directly under the pan. You won’t believe how fast water boils! The pans heat up very quickly. Although the pans are non stick, we’ve noticed that things in the skillet like fried eggs can stick a bit.

We currently store the cooktop and a skillet in the RV gas oven. The NuWave oven stacks in itself and fits great In a large ziplock soft storage tote. We keep the NuWave in an outside bin.

The racks, oven lid, and pan liner clean very easily in warm soapy water. We sometimes use a little cooking spray on the racks before putting meat or fish on them.

The cooktop uses 10.3 amps and the oven 12.5 amps. We did blow the breaker one time inside the RV. Since then we make sure that we don’t run any other appliance ( like the microwave) at the same time as the cooktop. We mainly use the oven outside.

Overall, we are very happy with the NuWave oven and cooktop. They are great additions to our RV.


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