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Portable Induction Cooktop Perfect For Fulltime RV Living

I have fallen in love with magnetic induction technology and what it’s done for the efficiency in our RV kitchen and outdoor cooking. And if you’ve never seen an induction cooktop in action, be prepared to be blown away.

During the gem & craft show earlier this year at the AVI Casino in Laughlin, NV, I happened by a cooking demonstration booth. What caught my attention was NOT the $6,000 worth of a zillion pots and pans that the vendor wanted to sell me (can we say “snow to an eskimo?”), but rather the cooktop that he was doing his demonstrations on. Now THAT was worth spending a few moments hearing his spiel.

I had heard about magnetic induction about a year earlier, but never got to see it up close and personal and within a few minutes, I knew this cool little gem was going to find its way into our motorhome kitchen as a permanent tool.


I mean…  it keeps the kitchen cool, heats things in warp speed, is known for low energy consumption, and the exposed surface is cool to the touch! There are no flames, heating elements or gas emissions and truth be known, I couldn’t tell you if the burners even work on our stove, because this little guy got plugged in the day we unpacked and has been our main source of indoor cooking ever since.

It’s even portable, so when we are outside at the grill and cooking sides, we simply unplug it and set it up on a table outdoors to extend the convenience and eliminate running in and out tending to two cooking areas. Again, because it’s electric and the base stays cool, we can sit it virtually anywhere.

Now, I’m not going to do it justice to try and explain the magic behind the science of magnetic induction – but there are plenty of resources online that can give you those technical details. The only thing you need to remember is that induction cooktops must be used with cookware that has a flat magnetic bottom. This is what activates the heat when the pan is set on top and the only spot that heats up. As you can see in the picture above, the rest of the surface is cool to the touch. Perfect for the girls too who are starting to cook full meals and we now have no worries of burnt fingers or open flames!!

Stainless, cast iron and enamel on steel cookware are all usually going to work fine. (When in doubt, grab an ordinary magnet and if it sticks to the bottom of your pan, you’re good to go!) And when shopping in a store, grab one of their magnets to double check before you invest in any cookware. (You might get a few funny looks – but who cares – you’ll be having fun!)

In my case, I used the addition of our new cooktop as an excuse to invest in a new stainless set from CIA (Culinary Institute of America) because most of what I had was non-stick cookware that had seen better days. And since teflon won’t work with magnetic induction, I took the leap to stainless.  Although at first I was hesitant, after a few weeks – I can truly say I’d never go back.

The only think I might have done different to get even greater efficiency out of the induction cooking setup is to add one or two pieces of stackable cookware to my collection. (Either that or 3 more cooktops LOL). You see, another neat feature of induction cooking is stacking two and three pots high and having them all cook simultaneously and evenly, but it only works if you have a set with flat lids designed for stacking.

During the cooking demonstration I mentioned above, he made a chocolate cake in one, a veggie & pasta side dish in the next (pasta went straight into the pan – no pre-cooking!) and pan seared a steak on the third level – how can you beat THAT for efficiency!?

… Come to think of it, in the name of providing quality information here to all our readers – maybe I’ll go to Amazon and pick up a set of stackable induction cookware and report back! Afterall, it’s the least I can do in the name of helping others! Ha! Greg will love THAT rationale!


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