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Red Lobster 1460 East Shaw, Fresno CA Receives 5 Stars From Full Time RVer

We have not eaten at a Red Lobster in years. The last time we ate at one was to celebrate my sons 18th birthday. The same son that we celebrated his 33rd birthday by taking him to Red Lobster in Fresno CA. We arrived on a Saturday evening at 8 p.m. and were told we might have a half hour wait. We were delighted to discover it was closer to 5 minutes! While we waited we watched the live lobsters wiggle and climb around in the aquarium tank. Memories of the delicious lobster meals prepared our taste buds for an enticing treat. We were soon seated in a cozy booth by a gracious charming waiter. He took our drink orders and within moments we were sipping raspberry lemonades and discussing what tempting entree we might indulge in.

First an appetizers – oh what a selection! Choices, choices, choices! Should we choose shrimp tacos, sweet chili shrimp, southwest chicken pizza, spicy buffalo chicken bites, crispy calamari and vegetables, Parrot Isle jumbo coconut shrimp, shrimp nachos, pan seared crab cakes, mozzarella cheese sticks, golden onion rings, chilled jumbo shrimp cocktail, lobster – crab – and – seafood stuffed mushrooms, lobster – artichoke – and – seafood dip, wood – grilled shrimp bruschetta, lobster pizza, New England Seafood sampler or perhaps we should build our own sampler? While choices were laughingly battered around, our waiter brought us succulent Cheddar Bay Biscuits which our taste buds were delighted with. We decided on the New England Seafood sampler and then prepared to make the even more difficult decision of what to order for the main course. So many choices to tempt any palate. My son and I had already decided lobster was definitely going to grace our plates. Ah, but still so many choices! Should we choose Wood – Grilled Lobster Shrimp and Scallops, Live Maine Lobster, Rock Lobster Tail, a New York Strip and Rock Lobster Tail, or the Ultimate Feast? Difficult decisions indeed lay before us. Our two non seafood lovers in our party also had difficult decisions to make. Choices of: Chicken Alfredo Linguini, chicken dishes, salads, pizzas and more.

I chose to have scallops, coconut shrimp, and jumbo shrimp with my lobster. The scallops, I hesitated to order. I love them; however, there are many chefs who murder them in my opinion. I have eaten at many places where the scallops are served up with a texture of rubber. This was not the case this night as I was delighted to discover that the chef who prepared mine – did an excellent job. Tender, juicy, melt in your mouth scallops accompanied my lobster served with shrimp made a royal feast. They were served up by a charming witty waiter who had perfect timing and never left us wanting for a single thing.
I claimed the honor of buying the best meal, but the other members of our party all claimed that their meal was the very best. We had to take some home in go boxes. Dessert was out of the question as we were all too stuffed to eat another morsel.

A wonderful meal and experience definitely makes this Red Lobster a 5 star rating in our book.


One Response to Red Lobster 1460 East Shaw, Fresno CA Receives 5 Stars From Full Time RVer

  • Ralph says:

    While it has been a while since this review of the restaurant was published, I did note one important thing for the Motor Home RV community:

    Did they have parking available suitable for an RV, and is it relatively convenient to drive into it and then drive back out of it?

    Or, do we need to take a car or other vehicle to visit this well rated restaurant?

    Enjoy; Ralph, Latte Land, Washington

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