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Muskellonge Lake State Park in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula


For the intrepid traveler I offer you Muskellonge Lake State Park, in Michigan’s beautiful Upper Peninsula. While the trip to the campground is gorgeous in and of itself, this campground is among my all time favorites for location. Nestled between Muskellonge Lake and Lake Superior you are indeed reminded that you are visiting Michigan, the Winter, Water Wonderland.
This campground is large at nearly 150 sites and includes electricity hookups and a dump station, along with a boat launch and a playground. I will admit that the camping is not entirely private as some sites can be close together but the location and activities more than make amends. I am partial to this site because I am a rock hound and there are few places that I have found better agates than along this section of Lake Superior shoreline. If you arrive in mid-September plan to participate in the Rock On Agate Festival, more information available at
If agate hunting isn’t your thing there is a hiking trail at almost 2 miles long, and should you choose to stay in July you will be privy to the blessing of the berries! People flock to the area to pick wild blueberries, but don’t let that alarm you, this area of Michigan is so remote that there will be no problems finding your own private blueberry patch and chowing down! Did I mention the boat launch? If you have a rig capable you can launch into Lake Superior and take a shot at bringing in a haul of whitefish, after all you are just east of Whitefish point! Bring along your dive gear if you have boat as this area is littered with shipwrecks ranging from exposed to 200 plus feet deep. Please keep in mind that Michigan law regulates artifacts among the wrecks, and none should be disturbed. Also many of the wrecks are considered Technical due to depth so please ensure you have the proper training and equipment.
While staying at the Campground if you travel south a short distance you will run in to Deer Park, an old logging community and home of Deer Park Lodge. I recommend you stop in and visit with the proprietors Mike and Monica. Mike’s depth of knowledge for the area is unparalleled and he may share with you a choice fishing hole on Hemingway’s Two Hearted River, or a secret berry patch ripe for the picking.
One of my favorite excursions is simply driving the old logging roads through the forest, you are deep in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula though so remember to be cautious, you are a very long way from help should you get in to trouble. If you do wander off the main roads do so quietly and you may be rewarded with sightings of Moose, Black Bear, Deer, and even Cougar, and I can almost guarantee Bald Eagles and Golden Eagles if you cast your eyes to the sky.
If you are up for a drive travel east to Whitefish point and visit the old Coast Guard Life Saving Station and Lighthouse. This is also the sight of the Great Lakes Shipwreck Historical Society Museum, which holds the remnants of the great Edmund Fitzgerald shipwreck. No matter which direction you travel from the campground you will find adventure, whether it be a shipwreck 200 feet down, a beautiful old lighthouse, or agates on the beach, there is something for nearly everyone at Muskellonge Lake Campground!


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