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Life In An RV Story Contest Submissions

What an amazing and talented community we have represented in our first ever “Life In An RV” Story Contest!

Below you will see all of the submissions our traveling friends have so generously shared with us, so please take a moment to enjoy what they’ve prepared and leave a “vote” for your favorites by commenting on the ones that touch or tickle you the most! You can vote as many times as you like – just be sure and leave a comment at the end of the post itself for your vote to count!

VOTING ENDS: Wednesday, December 19th at Midnight Eastern – so don’t delay!

Congratulations in advance to everyone who gave of their time and joined in the fun to make this holiday special for us all with your inspirational, funny and though provoking tales!

Mina Greenlee – Truck Shopping While Traveling Full-TIme
Rebecca Anne – Hunter Of The Night 
Lu Swart – Johnny and the Bear Essentials
Jennifer Hodgkiss – Throwing of the Colors
Dennis Swart – The Sled
Angel Price – Beginner RVing – Let The Adventure Begin
Wanda Peel – What A View
Jody Scholl – Stale Popcorn
Kent Butterfield – Waiting With a Purpose
Dana Butterfield – The Day the Hurricane Hit
Ron Hart – Our First Christmas in the RV


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