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Internet On The Road – Dependable High-speed Internet Anywhere In The USA

MotoSat satellite internet service was originally developed for the Oil and Gas Industry. Today MotoSat high-speed satellite connectivity customer base includes the news gathering industry,
emergency response centers, educational and medical applications, entertainment, sports, and Recreational Vehicle enthusiast.

MotoSat DataStorm – which sits on a motorized mount – has achieved a high degree of popularity in a niche market, and has become the most popular choice among RVers, who require an automated solution to “anytime anywhere” satellite Internet service. As long as you have a clear view of the southern sky, and no heavy storms in the area; within minutes of the click of a mouse, the MotoSat D2 controller starts searching the sky for HughesNet satellite. Once the connection is locked in, you have reliable high-speed Internet access, plus superior HD TV connectivity anywhere in the USA.

While high-speed satellite Internet service in an RV may be a luxury for some… reliable Internet anywhere anytime has become a basic necessity for many full time RVers, and mobile business owners who need to stay connected 24/7. There are currently over 10,000 DataStorm units in service, and that number is expected to grow exponentially over coming years as the baby-boom generation retires.

Initial setup cost typically runs between $5250.00 – $5995.00, with the bulk of the purchase going to the DataStorm G74 Internet Satellite Dish. MSRP on the G74 is $4495.00. While the lowest online retail price I found is $4,795.00, I also found refurbished units listed on ebay for $3295.00 plus shipping.

A Hughes and MotoSat certified installer is required to install the system. Installation cost varies greatly with some mobile installers charging as little as $275, while larger companies – with more overhead – are charging as much as $900 for an install! This offers a great business opportunity for the motivated Full Time RVer!

Once the equipment is installed; all you need is a satellite ISP (called a Value-Added-Resellers or VAR’s) to provide connectivity through HughesNet – typically runs $80 per month. An optional bracket AKA a “BOW (Bird-on-Wire)” will allow you to receive a high quality HD DirecTV or Dish Network signal on the same dish, as long as you are assigned to certain satellites… but for many using a separate (or existing in motion) satellite  may be prove easier and provide greater flexibility. You will also need a satellite TV receiver and a DirecTV or Dish Network with a service plan to receive satellite television normally $29.95 per month, or about the same as you would expect to pay for Broad Band Internet and HD TV in a fixed dwelling.


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