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Hunter of The Night

Life In An RV Story Submitted by Rebecca Ann:

One year before my family started traveling full time my cat Scooter surprised us by having three adorable little kittens! Though the kittens were not expected we loved them and decided to keep them. Born in late July, by the time Christmas decorating time rolled around our kittens were half grown and very active. We had a lively household with four cats running around and playing all of the time!


The Christmas that we first had the kittens was also the first Christmas that my family decided to use a real tree instead of our good old fake one. We all paraded off to a nearby Christmas tree farm and as soon as we came back home we began blaring the Christmas music and decking the tree out with our most extravagant decorations.


As we decorated, all of our cats were fascinated with the tree! The kittens had not been outside yet since we lived in a pretty rural area, and this was the first bit of nature our little pets had seen. At first they just stared at this large green intruder that had entered their domain, but after sniffing around it for a few minutes they abandoned the massive monster to bat around the silvery ornaments that  we were trying to hang on the branches.


After a few days we noticed that our mama cat, Scooter, was acting kind of strange around the tree. At first we thought that she was mesmerized by the twinkling lights and the sparkling tinsel, but then when we woke up in the mornings we started finding that ornaments had fallen off the tree and been thrown across the living room. We did not totally understand this, but the mystery was soon solved when we began watching Scooter more closely.

We soon noticed that sometimes after staring at the tree for a while she would jump up onto the couch next to the tree, and then leap up into the branches of our Christmas tree!!! This explained why the ornaments were scattered, but we did not really know why our cat was so fascinated with entering our tree.

Sometimes Scooter simply liked to curl up in the tree and rest. I have to admit this was pretty adorable! It can be so cute when you are sitting by a Christmas tree and suddenly a cats head is poking out of the branches above you. At least until the cat decides to pounce down on top of you that is!
So that partially explained why out cat loved the tree, but it did not fully explain why she would often stare so intently within its branches, it was almost as if she was looking for something. It also didn’t explain why when she was in the tree you would often hear her moving around, rustling the ornaments, and jumping within the branches.

Eventually she began moving more and more vigorously within the branches, sometimes it would even seem like she was going to tip the tree over! Actually once she DID almost tip the tree over! One day she was nestled within the tree and she began moving vigorously in it, shaking the ornaments, and even making small mewling sounds every so often. And then she made a large jump, landed up near the top of the tree and started pulling it down with her weight! She almost succeeded in toppling the tree over but luckily we were able to stop it before it fell completely. This happened a few more times and we began trying harder and harder to keep her away from the tree.


One night we did not pay attention to the whereabouts of Scooter because she got into the tree again. We were doing school in the living room, where the tree was, when suddenly the tree began rattling and shaking violently. We all knew that Scooter was in the tree again, and we might have let her stay in the tree but the tree had never shaken like this before! It was like Scooter was fighting the tree, by the sounds she was making we assumed she was playing with an ornament.

We all leapt up and began trying to grab our cat and get her out of the tree before she toppled it again! After what must gave been ten minutes we finally managed to grab a hissing Scooter, and we put her safely away from the tree. But then- we noticed something strange was at the foot of the tree. We bent down to see what it was and saw a small frog! Scooter had just killed it, or so we thought!

The little guy was just stunned and once it got away from Scooter it was soon hopping around again. It turned out that our cat had been hunting the poor little frog for the entire time our tree had been up! We tossed the frog outside, praised Scooter for successfully hunting and we all had a good laugh!

After that day, although our cats still liked to rest in the tree, they never tried to hunt anything in it again. This is a great holiday memory of mine, and definitely a memorable one!

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