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Restaurant Reviews

A German delight called the Edelweiss Restaurant-Staunton, VA


As Texans who travel full-time in our RV, we usually keep a keen eye out for a good Mexican food restaurant. While in the northeast, we decided we needed to find a good German food restaurant, as we hadn’t eaten it in over a year.

While traveling through Virginia to get to West Virginia, I happened to search for German restaurants and stumbled upon the Edelweiss Restaurant in Staunton, Virginia, a mere 26 miles south of where we had spent the night. Our route to West Virginia would bring us right through Staunton and, according to the restaurant website, they opened at 9:00 am for lunch service! Their menu revealed that they were an authentic German restaurant, serving the likes of jagerschnitzel, rahmschnitzel, knackwurst and sauerbraten. The German in me was practically drooling!

We hit the road, headed south and called the restaurant to confirm that they served their lunch menu at 9:00 in the morning. The female we talked to, with the wonderful German accent, confirmed that they did and asked us if we were on our way. After telling them we were just a few miles away, I pressed the gas pedal just a bit more in hopes we would get there sooner.

Upon our arrival, I was a bit worried about getting up the hill and into the parking lot, since the lot was not visible from the road. We decided to go for it and, if we needed to, unhook the Jeep if there was no way to turn around. Much to our delight, we found that there was a circular drive at the top of the hill that allowed us plenty of room to park and to turn around in order to exit the lot.

As we locked the RV and walked towards the front door, a gentleman in a car stopped to talk to us about being from Texas. He asked if we were the ones who had just called, told us how great the food was, wished us well and drove off. We assumed he was either the owner or an employee and thought it was funny that he knew we had called. He later returned and talked to us at our table. We discovered he was a retired teacher who was now a waiter at the restaurant.

The restaurant is on the bottom floor of a beautiful log cabin that looked like it should’ve been in the Alps and not in Staunton, Virginia. The interior was dark, with glass-topped tables and German decorations. We were the only customers at 9:30 in the morning and were quickly seated by the fire place. German music filled the air – completing the perfect ambiance by which to enjoy our German affair.

I ordered the jagerschnitzel and my wife ordered the day’s special, a cabbage roll stuffed with ground sausage. As we waited for our meals, we were served fresh rolls that were piping hot and delicious! Our server was very attentive and never failed to refill my tea or my wife’s coffee.

Our meals were served with homemade spätzle, Bavarian cabbage, red cabbage and green beans. Everything was nearly perfect, but we found the green beans overcooked and rather plain. Other than that, the meal was one of the best we’ve eaten in over a year. We took leftovers home along with a piece of the restaurant’s signature Black Forest cake. The entire meal was a mere $33.00 which we found to be very reasonable.

If you are ever in the Staunton, Virginia area and get a hankering for a great German meal, even for breakfast, we urge you to check out the Edelweiss Restaurant. You won’t be disappointed!

Ice Cream anyone?- Mrs. Curl- Greenwood, IN

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I adore those little mom and pop places! In Greenwood, Indiana sits this amazing little ice cream shop called Mrs. Curl Ice Cream Shop (just Mrs. Curls to the locals) and it is fantastic! They have ice cream yes, but they also have malts! I love a good chocolate malt and let me assure you, these are addictive! They have a good sized menu (not bad pricing either) and outdoor seating.
Some of the names for their items are hard to decipher, but they have a good selection. In regular ice cream, they have chocolate, vanilla, and swirl. Then come the flavor burst flavors! There are so many combinations it’s almost mind boggling! Green apple, bubble gum, butter pecan, peanut butter, and blue goo make good combinations with the vanilla as do strawberry, raspberry, cheesecake, and so many more. They even have options for the chocolate. They also have shakes (along with the delicious malts!). Shakes and malts come in a large variety of flavors as well. You can find banana, blackberry, blueberry, butterscotch 9and butterscotch chip), cappuccino, caramel (and caramel apple), apple, cherry, chocolate (my favorite), hot fudge, and beyond. They have something called a razzle, which is similar to a Blizzard from Dairy Queen. Another thing they have is what they call Ice Cream Dips. Remember Dippin’ Dots? Little rounds beads of ice cream that were super fun to eat, but crazy hard to find? This is Ice Cream Dips! They have a few flavors of these and those flavors include: Chocolate, cherry, peanut butter, butterscotch, crunch, rainbow sprinkles, and chocolate sprinkles. Just yum! They have sundaes, and a slushie type of item called the Mrs. Sippy. You guessed it, in a variety of flavors.
Beyond the ice cream, they also offer food. You can find hot dogs, corn dogs (super yummy ones!), chili dogs, burgers, sandwiches, and a selection of sides and snacks. As for drinks, they follow the Pepsi line. A pretty well rounded menu all in all.
They opened this year on February 27th, and will close for the year on October 31st, but they are open 7 days a week from 11am to 9pm. On Friday and Saturday from June 1st to August 18th they stay open an extra hour. The main thing to remember about this place is that it tends to stay busy! The lines can get pretty long, but it is well worth the wait. And honestly, the wait really isn’t that bad. It may seem like you will be there forever when you see the lines, but the employees have gotten pretty good at getting things done.
A word of warning: if you choose to sit outside and have your snack, you might get spotted! They have a live webcam that is connected to their website, so if you’re trying to hide from the in-laws, or keep this fabulous little place a secret, it’s not very likely. The area is cute; kind of small town picturesque, and it draws quite a crowd in the warmer months. My advice: go early, go often- because once you do, you will want to go back again and again.

Roscoe’s Tacos- Greenwood, IN- Taste bud Heaven!


If you’re anything like me, you LOVE the little mom and pop places to eat. Now normally you expect to find these places in out of the way areas. They are usually locations that only the locals know about. I’m going to let you in on a lovely little gem that sits in Greenwood, Indiana. It’s called Roscoe’s Tacos and boy oh boy will you be glad you went. They don’t have a large dining area, but they make up for it with fantastic taste! The prices seem a little extravagant until you realize how much food you really get. Believe me, they really pack the goodies in there. Once you see just how filling the food is, the prices seem much more reasonable.
They have something for everyone too. They even have some vegetarian offerings. For myself, I prefer the half order of Nachos Supremo. Now I should tell you, I can put away nachos like there’s no tomorrow. I adore nachos! But even I can barely finish an entire half order. Their half order of Nachos Supremo (they also have a half order of taco salad) is the size of a large order anywhere else. My advice: order less than you think you need because you can always go back up to the counter!
They do have four locations in Indy, but I have always gone to the Greenwood location so naturally it’s my favorite. They also have franchise info on the website. I considered it briefly, but realized that if I owned a Roscoe’s Tacos of my very own, I would never be able to fit through my door again. I’m perfectly happy just going to eat now and again.
The employees are typically young and full of energy, and the orders are made when you ask, not before. I hate going to a restaurant and immediately getting my food back only to have it taste like cardboard, and tough as rubber. You won’t get that here. Every order is made when you order it. In fact, I have been eating at Roscoe’s for years and I have yet to get a bad order. I have been satisfied every single time. I don’t know about you, but for me that’s rare.
Beyond the lunch or dinner food, they have a basket of cookies at the register. These things are huge. And tasty! I couldn’t decide what to eat first! Naturally the cookie won out, but it was a close one.
If you’re wondering about sauce, yes they have it. In fact, they have seven choices from a sweet, very mild Cincinnati City Slicker (CCS) to LAVA. The names alone are worth a giggle, but the flavors (so I’m told. I don’t like hot sauce!) are named well. The CCS is sweet and mild. Next up is the Texas Brushfire. It’s tangy with a medium heat zip to it. After that comes the Too Darn Hot (TDH) and for this one, you HAVE to like jalapenos. Next in line is Smokin’. It’s three times hotter than TDH and has a smokey kick to the flavor. The next is Tonsillectomy. Blistering heat with a slight bitterness, this one will make you sweat. And cry. And sweat some more. Last up is LAVA. Word of advice on this one: live for habaneros. Seriously, I haven’t seen many people even look at it, let alone eat it. If you’re brave enough to try it, start with a dab.
So the next time you’re in Greenwood and can’t decide where to eat, do yourself a flavor… I mean favor and go to Roscoe’s. You’re welcome.
rt menu

Lamberts Cafe in Foley AL

Lamberts Cafe

One Friday night we ventured out to check out an establishment that we had heard good reviews about. a restaurant called Lamberts Café in Foley Alabama.
Lamberts Café is located right on the main road that travels through Foley and when we arrived at the restaurant we noticed that the parking lot was really full. There were people milling around outside the front door and I was afraid that we would have to wait a long time to get a table, especially since it was a Friday night. Thankfully we didn’t have to wait at all, we got a table right away.
Outside the restaurant there is a child sized long wooden train that is great for children to climb on and play in. This train must come in handy when there is a long wait time. It is a great place to let children get some energy out and have some fun. The restaurant is decorated with lots of license plates from all over the country. My children had a lot of fun trying to find a license plate from our home state. The walls were covered in fun and interesting things to look at and there were flags from all 50 states hanging from the ceiling. The atmosphere inside was loud and fun. Music was playing over the speakers and we had to talk pretty loud to hear each other, but it was a festive atmosphere.
As soon as we sat down at our table a server came to take our drink orders and help us order off the menu. Foley’s has a pass around system that they use in all of their meals. You order your main dish and then they have a host of “pass around” dishes that servers bring around to all the tables for the guests to try. You can eat as much of the pass around foods as you can hold. The pass around items include items such as black eyed peas, fried potatoes and onions, fried okra, boiled cabbage and macaroni and tomatoes. But the best pass around, and the one that the restaurant has become famous for, is the throwed rolls. A server comes out with a piping hot platter of freshly baked rolls and begins to throw them to the customers. But don’t worry, he won’t throw them to you unless you ask for them. The way you ask for the rolls is to just hold up your hands. If you have any inhibition about trying to catch a roll don’t worry, the guy they had throwing the rolls was a great shot and got them exactly where he wanted them to go. And the rolls were fantastic! They were hot and fluffy and delicious. You might be temtped to devour you roll right away but hold off if you can because after the server finished throwing all the rolls another server comes along wth fresh apple butter and sorghum, which is similar to molasses but lighter in flavor, to spread onto your roll. Both condiments are fantastic on the fresh hot rolls!
Overall we loved our experience at Lamberts Café and we would definitely go again and recommend it to anyone. It is a wonderful place for people of all ages. The atmosphere was fun and festive, the service was fast and friendly the food was amazing the servings were generous and the price was just right!

Review of Galley at the Marina Bar and Grill- Chula Vista, CA


Galley at the Marina Restaurant, Bar & Grill
550 Marina Pkwy
Chula Vista, CA 91910
Visited 11/4/2014

Voted “Best Live Entertainment in South Bay”, the Galley at the Marina Restaurant, Bar & Grill is a great place to enjoy all sorts of gatherings. They offer all you can eat specials, happy hour, entertainment, dancing and just a great place to hang out for a leisurely meal.

Serving breakfast, lunch and dinners since 1994 they have developed a perfect reputation for serving delicious food at affordable prices daily from 8am with friendly servers that are willing to give excellent service with great smiles, great sense of humors and always there when we need anything.

We started off with one of their famous Bloody Mary’s but with a twist, we had them replace the full shot of Vodka with ½ shot of Tequila at no extra cost, now they were Bloody Maria’s. Spicy, fresh and served with a big slice of lime, huge succulent olives and a pepperoncini which was an extra new touch that gave it an additional spiciness and tasted excellent.

Their breakfast selections were the widest that you could imagine, they serve Eggs Benedict, pancakes, French toast, waffles, any side dish imaginable and omelets.Seafood Omelette (1) When we eat out, we usually find two favorite dishes and we both order one of them so that way we are able to taste two different ones but not this time. We ordered the Lobster & Crab Omelet. The eggs wrapped around huge, scrumptious pieces of lobster and crab and then it was topped with a delicious jalapeño cheese sauce which added to the wonderful bursts of flavor going on with each bite. The home fries were crisp with a lip-smacking seasoning baked into them. They had every choice of bread, including rye, sourdough, white, wheat and English muffins. The sourdough was excellent without an overbearing taste of the sour that many others we have tasted offer.

Happy hour is offered every day but Sunday and includes not only drink specials on beer, wine and well drinks but some great food specials; Sliders, Zucchini, Tacos, Jalapeno Poppers, Nachos, Chips and Salsa and even a burger special too.

For starters before dinner they offer a wide variety of appetizers; a Sampler Platter, Lobster & Shrimp Ceviche, wings, poppers, nachos, potato skins, Filet Mignon Brochette, Blackened Ahi Sashimi, crab cakes, clams, oysters and so much more.

So many different Entrée Salads makes it a difficult choice to make if you are a person to make a salad a meal. They have several unique ones like a Grilled Chicken Gorgonzola, an Oriental Sesame Chicken, a Lobster and Crab Louie, and Very Berry Salad that adds such ingredients like blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, candied walnuts in a raspberry vinaigrette dressing. Does this description have your mouth watering yet?

For dinner you can have one of their Specialty Sandwiches that includes every kind of burger, steak & chicken sandwiches with cheeses, vegetables all served on any sort of breads and rolls. They even have a sautéed Portobello mushroom grilled with Monterey and other cheeses and a Grilled Calamari Sandwich.

Not only do they grill up steaks, chicken and several tasty seafood dishes but they also prepare Chicken Picatta, Filet Mignon on Grilled Sour Dough which is strips of meat, sliced vegetables served open faced and topped with jack cheddar cheese. Pasta dishes that are far from the norm, try the fettuccini with chicken smothered in a tequila cream sauce or the delightful Cajun Seafood Pasta among so many other choices. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The atmosphere is what you would think being on a marina at the water, very relaxing. They have outdoor seating with a wonderful view of the marina but they also have indoor seating for those chilly times. Live Entertainment on Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sundays with no cover charge. What more could a place offer? We highly recommend this place whenever you are in the area.

Review of Jolly Roger Seafood House in Clinton Ohio

foodJolly Roger; a Lake Erie staple. They are simple, reasonably priced, have yummy food and exude an all around pleasant dining experience. Jolly Roger Seafood House is located in Ottawa County Ohio.

Every time my family visits Lake Erie we make a plan to eat here at least one time. I always get their waffle fries. They don’t call them waffle fries I just call them that because of their shape. I like to put vinegar on my fries and dip them in ketchup. The order is large so I usually share with my daughter. My husband always gets the perch sandwich and fries. My teen (even though a teen) likes to order from the kids menu to get the chicken strips and then upgrades the fries to mushrooms for a small cost. She usually can’t eat it all. The mushrooms alone make a meal. They are really cool because you get to watch as the mushrooms roll across the machine and drop into the cornmeal type batter (now I don’t know for sure if it is cornmeal I never asked but it’s a similar texture.) Then they are deep fried. If deep fried mushrooms and waffle type fries aren’t your thing then try their yummy deep fried onion rings.

I don’t drink soda so I just get water but they have soda, multi flavored powerades, and tea. Order the small because you get free refills. A small soda is about $2.09. They have many options of seafood. I honestly have not tried the seafood but my family has. They love it. When ever we go to Jolly Roger to eat we call the girl’s grandfather and say “Hey, guess where we are.” He gets a kick out of it and so do they. My teenager wanted me to say that while the mushrooms are expensive to purchase alone if you buy them as a dinner it’s cheaper and that they taste really, really good. I’ve been told by many visitors that they “hot ticket item” is the perch and walleye. So I suggest either the perch meal or the walleye meal.

If you plan to visit Jolly Roger Seafood House be prepared for it to be packed. While indoor sitting fills up fast there are also two outdoor eating areas that are very nice; a pleasant eating experience. Located right behind the seafood house is the Lake. So before you dine or after make sure to take a stroll and see the beauty the Lake has to offer.

067Don’t be taken back by the corporatism of the location of this seafood house (surrounded by business and hotels) because if you dismiss it on the idea of this surrounding you’ll miss out on a treat. Then again, if you are on vacation from your RV and spend a night in a hotel this is the ultimate location; seafood, view of lake and a hotel close by.

Ordering at this seafood house is easy as pie. They have a large menu on display so you can stand back peruse your options then when you approach the counter you know exactly what you want. Like I mentioned before you can even view the products being prepared and cooked. So figure out what you want, approach the counter, place your order, take a number placard, find a seat and sit back and relax as your food is hand delivered to you by a friendly staff member.

I highly recommend a visit to Jolly Roger Seafood house. You can find them located at 1737 E. Perry Street Port Clinton, Ohio 43452.

An RVers visit to the Waffle House in Mason Ohio

waffelAn RVers visit to the Waffle House in Mason Ohio

My family and I recently had lunch at the Waffle House located in mason, Ohio. I have always been a fan of Waffle Houses. Just like McDonalds and their large golden arches Waffle Houses have giant yellow signs too that can be seen from most highways.

When we walked through the door of the Mason Waffle House we were greeted by a friendly smile and instructed we could sit anywhere we wanted to; at the same time every employee said a heartfelt hello. You can always tell if it is meaningful or just “part of the job.” Everyone at this Waffle House location genuinely seemed happy to be there working; something you don’t see much of now days. I know I enjoy my meal better if the staff is happy. No one wants served by a disgruntled employee.

I’m a person who tends to ask hard questions that baffle the waitress/waiter. I have to ask these questions because of my allergies to certain foods. I asked the waitress if the bacon has MSG. She got that puzzled look I get a lot but kindly replied, “I will go check.” She returned and honestly said she did not know. I asked if the box listed the ingredients and she said, “Yes”. I said ok check for Monosodium Glutamate. That’s the long word for it. She quickly went to see and returned still puzzled. She said she could not see where it was listed in the ingredients. I thanked her then placed my usual order of two eggs over easy with toast, decaf coffee, hash browns with a side of syrup and I ordered bacon. My daughter ordered a BLT (her favorite at Waffle House), iced tea and a piece of Pecan Pie (heated). My husband ordered decaf coffee, a quarter pounder cheeseburger and hash browns.

029That’s the great thing about Waffle House you can order breakfast, lunch or dinner any time of day. You can even order like my husband did half lunch half breakfast. I’ve never been disappointed during a visit to a Waffle house so this location met my expectations possibly even slightly higher than expected. Just because of the cleanliness of the restaurant, their bathroom, the food quality and the friendliness of the employees. I always get a kick out of how they call out the orders to the cooks; it’s like they have a language all their own. My favorite is when they call out hash browns scattered or smothered, etc. Sometime I’d like to be able to yell out my own order to the cook. One thing we must not forget that adds to Waffle Houses unique style is the old fashioned Juke Box. Who doesn’t like a little music with dinner?

Overall it was a pretty satisfying meal. A plus is the amount of RV parking available; lots of it. Additionally this Waffle House is right across the street from Kings Island and down the street from The Beach Water Park. Looking for a great meal and great service stop on by the Waffle House located at 5377 Beach BLVD Mason, Ohio.

RVers Review of the The Fired Pie Pizza in Phoenix AZ

fired pieRVers Review of the The Fired Pie Pizza in Phoenix AZ

As full-timers, my husband, George and I stayed in north Phoenix for a couple of months, March and April. While there we had a lot of fun trying different restaurants.

Near the RV Park we stayed in is a strip mall called the Aqua Fria Shopping Center. There are a lot of choices there for eating and shopping.

One Friday night we were on the hunt for pizza. We found a small café in that shopping center called Fired Pie and decided to try it. If you have ever eaten at a Subway or Chipotle’s it is the same concept. You walk in the front door and their menu is on the wall for you to read as you stand in line. You walk up to the ordering/building counter and they already have the dough rolled out and waiting for you.

They only have one pizza size and one crust option but what a crust it is! The crust is thin and crispy. You pick your choice of the sauce, meat(s), veggies, type of cheese, seasonings, etc. They even have fresh mozzarella, my favorite. If you want a salad instead of or with your pizza, they also have “create your own salads.“ But if you don’t want to be adventurous they have pizzas and salads of their own design you can order. They serve beer, wine, soft drinks, flavored waters, and plain or flavored teas.

Once your pizza is built you watch them put it into a big brick oven to cook. It doesn’t take long either. The oven is really hot. The crust is so crispy when it comes out of the oven they place a piece of brown paper on the pie plate so it doesn’t get soggy before you can eat it. Amazingly the pizza stays crispy to the last bite. The pies are 11″ so most people can eat their own pizza. George and I like to split the pizza and get a salad to share also with a glass of wine.

The ambiance is very casual. The décor is much like that of Chipotle’s. You seat yourself and they call your name when your order is ready. The owner is usually on the register and he comes around to talk to the customers. George is big on customer service and loves to give the businesses we patronize feedback, good or bad.

fired pie 3George is also an excellent cook/chef so had to tell the owner how good the food was and how much he liked the brown paper under the pizza and how he wished more pizza places would do that. The owner told us that this restaurant was the only one of its kind. He and one other person own the place. If they ever decide to franchise their business and we were 20 years younger we would so own a Fired Pie restaurant.

We have been there twice now and it seems to be very popular with the 21-30 something’s crowd. They only serve two red wines, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, and two white, Chardonnay and Pinot Grigio. But they do have a frozen peach Bellini made with white wine that is very nice.

The Fired Pie, 3049 Aqua Fria Fwy, Phoenix, AZ 85027 makes for the perfect pizza/date night. And if you aren’t ready to call it a night after a wonderful meal, there is an AMC theater next door and a comfy park like setting between the two just to sit and people watch.

RV Review of the Luncheon Muncheon in Crooksville Ohio

luncheon muncheonRV Review of the Luncheon Muncheon in Crooksville Ohio

What kind of Rver are you? If you are like me you are the kind of RVer that likes to eat. My favorite food to eat is home cooked food. You know the kind of food your mom used to make – flour on the face, apron around the waist, standing over a hot stove cooking love into it kind of food. I’ve found just such the place Luncheon Muncheon in Crooksville, Ohio

Rhonda and Jesse are the owners of Lunch Munch (a shortened nickname) and they opened the doors on January 19, 1989. Twenty-five years later Rhonda is still the best cook around; hands down and I don’t think there isn’t anything she can’t cook. Jesse always has a smile and while he is taking customer orders Rhonda is in the kitchen cooking up something good. While they may call them selves the owners, the cook, the waiter, etc people around here call them family.

Betty Norton says, “When I first came here I almost knocked on the door. It was like going into someone’s home.” Allie Moody told me, “You go in, get a hug, sit down and watch some TV.” “If you go home hungry from here – it’s your own fault,” claims Woody Ulman. Hannah Moody age fourteen just celebrated her birthday at Lunch Munch. I heard her tell Rhonda, “This is the best birthday ever because I got to eat your food and I got to be with you!” Lunch Munch is a real down to earth small town diner; full of great food, great people and great service.

What kind of home cooking are we talking about? Everything from breakfast to lunch; Farm fresh eggs prepared how you like them, home fries made from real potatoes that Rhonda cleaned, cut and fried herself to the muncheon burger. I love the grilled chicken breast and deep fried mushrooms. While my children like the chicken wings and spicy curly fries. Fried mushrooms aren’t the only breaded delight; there is deep fried cauliflower and onion rings. The portion size here is on the large side but Rhonda says, “It’s okay if you can’t eat it all here we will box it up for you to take home,” I’ve personally had to do that a time or two. There is always a daily special and on Friday’s a treat; through the week desert is not offered but come Friday YUM!

luncheon muncheon (15)Parking is not a problem for RVers. While parking is limited at the diner itself there is plenty of parking at the Eagles across the street and at the local park (right next to the diner). Why not make a day of it and spend time at the park too. There’s a playground, shelter house, fishing pond and a swimming pool.

This is a true Mom N Pop diner. So if you want to sample some real good home cooked food, that’s been prepared with love, like your momma use to cook then stop on down at the Luncheon Muncheon located at 805 Chine Street Crooksville, Ohio 43731.

Red Lobster 1460 East Shaw, Fresno CA Receives 5 Stars From Full Time RVer

We have not eaten at a Red Lobster in years. The last time we ate at one was to celebrate my sons 18th birthday. The same son that we celebrated his 33rd birthday by taking him to Red Lobster in Fresno CA. We arrived on a Saturday evening at 8 p.m. and were told we might have a half hour wait. We were delighted to discover it was closer to 5 minutes! While we waited we watched the live lobsters wiggle and climb around in the aquarium tank. Memories of the delicious lobster meals prepared our taste buds for an enticing treat. We were soon seated in a cozy booth by a gracious charming waiter. He took our drink orders and within moments we were sipping raspberry lemonades and discussing what tempting entree we might indulge in.

First an appetizers – oh what a selection! Choices, choices, choices! Should we choose shrimp tacos, sweet chili shrimp, southwest chicken pizza, spicy buffalo chicken bites, crispy calamari and vegetables, Parrot Isle jumbo coconut shrimp, shrimp nachos, pan seared crab cakes, mozzarella cheese sticks, golden onion rings, chilled jumbo shrimp cocktail, lobster – crab – and – seafood stuffed mushrooms, lobster – artichoke – and – seafood dip, wood – grilled shrimp bruschetta, lobster pizza, New England Seafood sampler or perhaps we should build our own sampler? While choices were laughingly battered around, our waiter brought us succulent Cheddar Bay Biscuits which our taste buds were delighted with. We decided on the New England Seafood sampler and then prepared to make the even more difficult decision of what to order for the main course. So many choices to tempt any palate. My son and I had already decided lobster was definitely going to grace our plates. Ah, but still so many choices! Should we choose Wood – Grilled Lobster Shrimp and Scallops, Live Maine Lobster, Rock Lobster Tail, a New York Strip and Rock Lobster Tail, or the Ultimate Feast? Difficult decisions indeed lay before us. Our two non seafood lovers in our party also had difficult decisions to make. Choices of: Chicken Alfredo Linguini, chicken dishes, salads, pizzas and more.

I chose to have scallops, coconut shrimp, and jumbo shrimp with my lobster. The scallops, I hesitated to order. I love them; however, there are many chefs who murder them in my opinion. I have eaten at many places where the scallops are served up with a texture of rubber. This was not the case this night as I was delighted to discover that the chef who prepared mine – did an excellent job. Tender, juicy, melt in your mouth scallops accompanied my lobster served with shrimp made a royal feast. They were served up by a charming witty waiter who had perfect timing and never left us wanting for a single thing.
I claimed the honor of buying the best meal, but the other members of our party all claimed that their meal was the very best. We had to take some home in go boxes. Dessert was out of the question as we were all too stuffed to eat another morsel.

A wonderful meal and experience definitely makes this Red Lobster a 5 star rating in our book.