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Wine Tasting in Tombstone AZ


Did You Know There Was a Winery in Tombstone?

Not just one but we found two. We seem to be able to sniff them out anywhere nowadays! Actually they are fairly new, both have only been in the Tombstone area for about 2 years and it has been close to 7 years since our visit there in 2007.

We enjoyed our first wine tasting in Tombstone at…

Silver Strike Winery
334 E Allen Street
Tombstone, AZ 85638

Located within the streets of Tombstone that you could miss if you were not looking for it or if you do not have a sniffer like we do but it was a great find. Our server, Kyle gave us 5 tastes with a free souvenir glass for $10.

These are Arizona wines that are made from Arizona grown grapes from vineyards that are located 50 miles east and west of Tombstone.

We tasted a light and airy Pinot Gris that would be perfect with any meal.
A nice and smooth Red blend with a cranberry tone that had us wanting more.
A licorice flavored Dolcetto that would be a great after dinner wine.
Two different Tempranillo’s, one aged in stainless steel and the other aged in oak. The only one that we would not consider purchasing would be the Tempranillo that was aged in oak, it was just too pungent for our taste buds.

After that tasting we set out to the streets of Tombstone when again we came across yet another wine tasting at…

Tombstone Wine Works
15 North Fourth Street
Tombstone, AZ 85638

Their wines express the uniqueness of the Cochise County territory and they offered 5 tastes with a free souvenir glass for $10. There wines are expressions of Arizona’s spirit and influences; Tombstone Wines and Monkey Wines.

We tasted a semi-sweet Red that blends red and white wines that was smooth with just the right sweetness.
A perfectly sweet clear crisp Rain that would be perfect on a stormy day.
A blush Madame that had a berry and kiwi fruity flavor with an excellent balance.
A red port of Cabernet Sauvignon that was smooth with a slight candied cherry and plum taste.
A white port that had a touch of brandy and a very wow effect.
Then we tasted a few of the Monkey Wines;
Playful had a nice scent but not a great taste, it attacked instead of just presenting itself.
Cheeky is a Sauvignon Blanc that is dry but a nice ending.
Our favorite was Naughty which is a sweet Moscato Bianco with Apricot, Melon and Honey flavors that is so refreshing.

We love tasting very different types of wines and since we usually limit our bottle prices to under $5 or at least under $10 we find going to wine tastings allow us to taste some of the more expensive wines without paying the high prices. Most of these wines we tasted had a $20+ for a bottle so it was a great find for us to be able to taste them without paying the price for them. Usually at these tasting they give you a deal on any bottles you purchase after the tastings but the cost was still too high for us.


11We recently had the opportunity to take a hike at one of the most beautiful sites in Utah. It is called Coyote Buttes North or more commonly known as “The Wave.” It is located in the Paria Canyon -Vermillion Cliffs Wilderness on the Arizona and Utah border between Kanab, Utah and Page, Arizona. To get there, take Highway 89 east from Kanab to House Valley Road, turn right, and then go 8 miles on a rough gravel road to Wire Pass Trailhead.

This hike requires a permit and only 20 hikers per day are allowed for day use, no overnight camping is allowed. Our hiking friends had secured our permits 4 months prior to our hike. There are 2 ways to obtain a permit – one is online at the Bureau of Land Management website and the other is to apply in person at the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument Visitors Center in Kanab, Utah, the day before you would like to hike. The drawing in Kanab it as 9 a.m. and you will need to be present before they draw at approximately 8:30 a.m. to fill out an application. They give out 10 permits online and 10 permits the day before the hike. The cost is $7 per person. When you receive a permit they give you a car pass and detailed instructions to get to The Wave.  Many areas on the hike are not on a specific path and many hikers have gotten lost. It is important to bring the instructions with you in order to find the landmarks noted. Unfortunately people do die on this hike every year as they are not prepared or get lost.

22The hike is approximately 6 miles so come prepared with water and snacks, proper hiking shoes, sunscreen, and a hat. We started early as the days get hot and there is not much shade. It is the Wilderness! We had invested in Camelbaks to make sure we would have plenty of water. We will use them on many hikes to come and bike rides also.

We started our hike at 6 a.m. on July 3rd just as the sun was coming up. It was shining a bright pink on the clouds and it was gorgeous!  The clouds were a welcome site knowing the heat was on its way.  The beginning of the hike is on a sandy path with beautiful views of the Vermillion Cliffs.  The next part of the hike is over a rocky, hilly area. This is the part of the hike where there is not path so it is important to look for the landmarks noted on the instructions. There are a few posts along the way that point you in the right direction but they are easily missed. One of the main landmarks you look for is a big crack on the mountain that is located just above The Wave. Just as you go up to that mountain you encounter a sandy hill that can be difficult. As you arrive at The Wave you are treated to the most amazing rock structures created by wind, rain, and God! It is hard to describe and even the photos do not capture the true beauty! There are many areas to explore. We did run into about 12 other hikers that day. We stopped in the shade for a snack and great conversation with our “hiking mentors.” It was very comforting to be with them as they had hiked The Wave before. We stayed for about 2 hours before heading back.  Again, the landmarks are very important to finding your way back. You could really feel the heat of the sun now as it was about 10 a.m. and we were very glad we had gotten an early start on the day!

Zoo Hair, Bacon and Potatoes

As seen on TV BaconI know, people who have adapted to headline reading will wonder about this title. Let me explain. I am a hiker, biker and kayaker. I am not a baker, cook or a domestic chore lover. However, I can manage the never baking, cooking once in a while and well – you can’t get out of housekeeping. So, since my husband and I and our Zoo: two dogs and two cats, have started full timing, I have thoroughly enjoyed housekeeping in a 39 foot 5th wheel. Those who know me would faint that I even made that statement. But in combination of relieving myself of the sticks and bricks cleaning and my seeking the easiest ‘cheater’ products around to help me keep our 5er clean, I think I may have found some excellent products. I would like to share my review of these products with my fellow RVers who always wondered about them, but were afraid to ask.

I admit it, and my husband shakes his head every time we go in to a store, but I am attracted to ‘as seen on TV products’. I know, but I can’t help it. To complicate matters, we no longer watch TV, so I am out of date on the current trends I am sure.  Well that is the reason I have to scour the shelves with these products, to be sure I am cheating out the dread of housekeeping as best as possible.

pet hair manager


So, the first product, which I am not sure is a true ‘as seen on TV product’, but I will consider that it should be. That is the “Pet Magnet”. This thing looks like a window washer squeegee with two ‘blades’. I use it to scrape the carpets of animal fur before I vacuum. Wow, did I hear a collective “but don’t you have to get on your hands and knees to do that?” My husband even said let’s get a new vacuum so I don’t have to do that. Well first of all, between my mother and myself, I think we have tried every  vacuum on the market for pet hair removal and none exists. Our 2014 rig came with a Dyson vacuum stick, and it does a fair job, but doesn’t do it all the way. The square footage of the carpet, the yoga position and exercise I get using this Pet Magnet, makes it worth it. Look at the mound of hair I get. The new carpeting is excellent at cleaning up accidents, but it really likes the Zoo hair. So, this product is excellent at grabbing it up, and then you can finish it up with a vacuum. Domestic dreaded chore number one is conquered.

Bacon via microwave





The second ‘as seen on TV’ product is a microwave bacon cooker. This thing is outstanding! I love cooking eggs and bacon every so often, and when I cooked the bacon and watched the grease flying around that beautiful new 5er kitchen, I thought I needed to do something else. You place the bacon slices with fat side up through the slots – as many pieces as you want – and then hold them in place with plastic skewers. If you lose the skewers, then the directions recommend using wooden ones. You can adjust the recommended cook time to make the bacon as crispy as you want. My husband likes the results and he is a picky crispy kind of guy. The cleanup is very easy. I like to use the bacon grease to cook the eggs – yummy.





As seen on TV Potato bag


The final ‘as seen on TV’ product that I found to be excellent and easy to use, is the “Potato Express”.  I had my eye on this product for a long time before I succumbed to my need to buy it – and am I glad. I love my sweet potatoes, hubby prefers his white potatoes and this little pouch does an excellent job. Oh, and no clean up – yes! So you wash the potatoes and depending on the size, I have found you have to alternate the time cooked. I would also put the same kind together. The directions say you can put 4 in the pouch, but they must mean sweet potatoes. You still want to test the potato with a fork to be sure they are done. I love this pouch because I hate the idea of microwaving potatoes in plastic wrap and well, I don’t want to figure out how to use my convection oven yet. Our RV did not come with regular oven, because, well, that would go against my personality.

So, I hope this review of ‘as seen on TV’ has been helpful to my RV friends; I know you have been secretly wondering about these products because you have seen them on TV, but were too embarrassed to ask about them or buy them. I would recommend them- but I would never do a commercial for them.

Happy Journey’s.

Geocaching – A Fun Hobby For The RV Enthusiast

If you own an RV, live the RV lifestyle, or are ready for a new RV hobby – we have one word for you: Geocaching.  Geocaching is the ultimate scavenger hunt.  So pack up the cribbage board and the dominoes because your new focus will be: how do we get to the next “Global Positioning System (GPS) Location ‘X,'” to log in our newest geocache?

If the idea of a techie-treasure hunt isn’t enough to inspire you, how about the idea of your own secret code name? Once you have signed up with a geocache website, such as, and have chosen your code name, you can begin hunting for geocache treasures across the globe and share your experiences with other geocachers online.  You can even begin to plan geocaches of your own to hide along your travels. Geocaching is the perfect hobby for those who live the RV lifestyle.

What is Geocaching?

Geocaching takes all of the fun of a scavenger hunt and adds a technological twist.  It has been around for a little over a decade now, and there are over 1,630,000 geocaches spanning more than 100 countries.  There are even caches on Antarctica, although we recommend leaving your RV behind for that particular find!

Rather than hunting around for obscure locations to find your scavenger hunt treasures, you register online with a geocache website.  Then you can look up various geocache destinations and begin your hunt.  The destinations are listed with specific GPS coordinates so you know the exact location of your target.

Next, your job is to find the cache. Using a handheld GPS device, you locate the cache using the coordinates provided by the website.  It’s always an exciting moment when you locate the cache container, whether it’s your first cache or your hundredth. Caches are usually stored in waterproof containers that include a logbook, pen/pencil, and a stamp.  The caches can be large or small artifacts, treats, or little nothings.  The fun is in the finding, right?

Once you have located a geocache, you sign the paper logbook to share your journey with others.  You can take the cache if you want, but then you need to replace it with something of equal or greater value.  Close the container back up and log your experience online. Then it is off to the next cache from there.

Geocaching Is Fun For The Whole Family

Whether you travel in your RV to celebrate your retirement, or to make the best of your children’s summer vacations, geocaching is an activity the entire family can have fun with.  Get out the maps and study the geography.  You can learn about the landmarks you pass along the way.  Many of the caches are found near or around famous landmarks and/or national, state, or county parks which provide the perfect opportunity for learning.

Children love to search for the cache and delight when they find it.  It’s a great exercise for writing as well since you have to fill out the log book and then type your entry online. They are also a good way to get out of the driver’s seat, stretch your legs, and move around.  Geocaching can provide exercise and entertainment along those long lonely stretches of desert byways or the grueling Alcan Highway.

If your RV lifestyle is starting to become monotonous, it’s time to embark on the newest and most exciting of RV hobbies.  Geocaching will provide plenty of fun and many entertaining stories to share with friends and family. Before you know it, the people you tell about geocaching will be ready to get in on the fun. It’s addicting!

This article was written by Bill Turtle at Explorer RV

Inspire to Inspire: “Take Flight” a Public Art Project by Jema

Creativity, it needs to find a place in my life next to air, food, water and my morning cup of coffee. Living full time in an RV with my hubby and four kids since January 5, 2011 has challenged my creative time. I not only live in 300 square feet of space which hampers my studio supplies, but I am living with five other people elbow to elbow. My creativity was being hampered, until it finally exploded onto the sides of my RV!

I can still squeeze in moments of acrylic painting on my textured canvas when the stars align, the weather is not too humid or too cold, and the wind doesn’t intend to fly my canvas like a kite. Most of my creating is now focused on our public art project “Take Flight”.

We took our Class A RV, stripped off the manufacturer’s decals and proceeded to paint a Monarch butterfly wing outline on both sides of our RV. The idea is to include people we meet with our family journey, and connect people all over the world with our project. We encourage this connection by having people add their colorful vinyl decal to the sides of our RV, overlapping them, filling in the painted black outline. We add their name, where they are from, and three things that inspire them in life. The list of inspirations then in turn inspires others, and the circular movement of inspiring begins.

The project requires 3 ½” circular decals of oranges, blues, blacks and whites (thanks to our friends at which I can roll up and store behind the passenger seat of our RV. I use our computer to enter the participants’ names on the website. This is a creative project which needs little space, just the time to talk to people we meet, encouraging them to sticker up our RV. It has been fulfilling to see people catch on the excitement of their contribution traveling around the United States! (very inspiring)

Public art is art which can be seen by anyone, free of charge, and enhances our daily living. With this philosophy we want to include everyone in our project, if you can not physically put on your dot, we will add one for you. Just add your inspirations to our list and become a part of inspiring people on the roadways of America, as well as those reading the inspirations at home in their jammies or at work on their computer screens, iPods, iPads, Android phones, you get the idea. Go and be inspiring today!

To add your own inspirations, mosey on over to We can’t wait to see what you come up with!


Jema grew up in Brainerd, MN and now travels around the United States with her husband and four children.  She is inspired by nature, creating contemporary acrylic art on textured canvas.  She enjoys sharing her journey through her creative writing through magazine articles and her personal blogs at and