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8 Basic Items A Woman Needs To Tow On Her Own

2010 had me on the road for 42 days. Traveling to gain a renewed control over my life and the tragedy that had encompassed the preceding 2 years, One morning I packed up one of the ranch dogs, told my husband of 16 years to let me be by myself for at least a week before he’d start calling (that lasted 2 days due to obvious concern) and picked one of my 16 trailers, a 2001 Airstream Bambi 19’. Off I went, first for 3 weeks in August to the Sierras, Reno, Quincy, and back around to Red Bluff then home. Then again to Taos to deliver a trailer and visit friends from Scottsdale to Tucson to Flagstaff to Santa Fe. (This time I got my husband a ticket to Albuquerque to drive home with me).

The solo time was much needed. It started in Auburn at my partners ranch. His concern for my mental health was supported by his history as a counselor (mind you a counselor for prison guards is a tough job). I spent 3 days with him and his wife, then another week with them at the end as we were obligated to fulfill our commitment of attending a vintage event in the area. Ok, so it’s a long haul….it was a long haul…and it was necessary to be prepared, especially in the state of mind I was departing in. I’ve been traveling for the past 14 years for our business, now back to being fondly known as a ‘collection’. I didn’t need anymore things ‘coming up’, so I went off prepared. Being prepared for mishaps on the road is important for everyone, but if you’re a woman… we will at least take a rag and wipe down the grease before we get back into the tow vehicle.

Remember the 8 Basic Items a Woman Needs to Tow on Her Own:

1. Tool Box:

  • Hammer
  • Rivets/Rivet Gun (I had a part of a panel come off on a trailer I’d just bought)
  • Pliers
  • Electrical Tape – for frayed wires
  • Tester – if your power goes out/re-wiring to the tow vehicle is necessary
  • Wrench
  • Multi Screwdriver – contains both Phillips and Flat heads
  • Duct Tape – amazing what it can do in a pinch
  • Wire – to tie up loose pieces under the frame

2. Gloves. Feminine colors won’t have anyone ‘taking them’.

3. Extension Cord75’ is as short as I carry. My husband has never run off w/my bright pink one.

4. Floor Jack – Aluminum ones are lighter and much easier to handle, check weight restrictions.

5. Tire/Wheel/Battery Generator, to add air when needed

Tire Iron (older trailers have different lugs sometimes, so be sure on the lug size.)
Also be sure the spare is inflated and ready to use, double check size.

6. Blocks/Chocks:

  • 4-Heavy wood blocks for under the jack stand (at least 6”x6”) *extra if they split!*
  • 4 Chocks (plastic or wood or metal, for a un even ground where you must park)

7. Extra Tow Lights (in the event of a complete power outage at night)
8. Lavender hand wipes, moisturizer, a glass of wine and a book.

Being prepared is easy. We have a complete package w/most of the required tools if you visit us at VintageAluminum @ and request the information. You can also visit our website at Be safe and have a great time as one of many women trailerites on the open road.