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RVers Roadschooling with the Apple IPOD

ipadRVers Roadschooling with the Apple IPOD

Roadschooling with the Apple IPOD; I wouldn’t have it any other way. The IPOD is just one of today’s wonderful pieces of technology that adds to my child’s learning. The Ipod has many perks: it is small (that’s a plus for full time RVers because finding space for all that teaching material can be a challenge.) The only down fall I have found is that it doesn’t stay charged as long as I would like it to. It does stay charged longer than my cell phone so that’s a plus. You can also buy a car and wall charger. You can charge it connected to your laptop, charge it in a wall outlet or in the car.

One thing I like about the Apple IPOD is that it offers a lot of educational applications either free or for a small fee. For example you can get a very popular Geography Game called Stack the States for $1.99 plus tax or you can get the light version for free. I have teenage daughters and having the Apple IPOD allows both of them to learn at their own educational level and to choose games to their liking. For example my thirteen year old enjoys Stack the Countries. It too is inexpensive $1.99 plus tax or you can get the light version for free. My older daughter likes The Fun Way to Learn Algebra. If you have an elementary student you could try Mad Libs; even as an adult we like Mad Libs. Want to learn a Foreign Language you can download that too. The options are limitless. Purchasing the games are easy too; all you have to do is register your credit card once and each time you go online and purchase a application you just supply your password. There’s even an application incase you lose your IPOD.

My husband and I like to fish a lot. We have found it useful to bring the IPOD along with us. Spread out a blanket under a shade tree and they can sit there and learn as they play. The IPOD is also good traveling entertainment while traveling from one destination to the next. The children keep on learning as the RV wheels keep on turning. This is nice except when occasionally you here a “boo hoo” from the back seat because the battery went dead. Then you just plug it into the car charger and they are all smiles again.

063Another thing I like about the Apple IPOD is you don’t have to have internet access to necessarily play all the games. However, some games like Duolingo (that teaches foreign language) do require an internet connection in order to play it. An internet connection is required to download all games but not to play them once downloaded. I’ve also found I get error messages or the IPOD freezes up if I do not connect it to my laptop while I have an internet connection at least once every two weeks.

A bit of advice if your IPOD is short on power the fastest way to charge it is in a wall outlet. It just seems to take longer if using the car charger or plugging it into the laptop to charge.

The best thing I like is the kids are actually learning and they just think they are having fun. The IPOD in my opinion is favored from everyone from three years old to 93; Compact, portable and entertaining.

Using the Lebanon Ohio Public Library as an RVer

libraryUsing the Lebanon Ohio Public Library as an RVer

The Lebanon Public Library is one of the most beautiful libraries I’ve visited, and as a full time RVer who roadschools her two teen daughters libraries are a must. We have visited libraries all over Ohio and I am sure as we further our travels we will visit many more all over the United States. The Lebanon Public Library is located in Warren County, Ohio.

As most of you are aware one can not obtain a library card while on the road; with that said we keep our library card available from our home base town library. That way when we do return from time to time we can use our card. Please don’t let the whole not being able to obtain a library card while on the road deter you. Most libraries will allow a guest pass; while a guest pass limits your activities it is still useful.

Here at the Lebanon Public Library you can use your guest pass to use their computers. They do have the one hour time limit like most libraries. However, after every sixty minutes you are allotted another fifteen minutes as long as there is no one waiting to use the computers. We have been here up to three hours in a day’s time. We try to visit the library before the local schools let out. Sometimes we have found that even then it is busy because we have met many homeschoolers at the library during the day. During our time here this month we’ve also taken advantage of their book sale. Some libraries have continuous book sales, even a room set specifically for the sell of their books; like the John McIntire Library in Muskingum County, Ohio. While that’s nice the Lebanon Library does not offer a specific room but rather carts of books and audio tapes with prices ranging from twenty five cents to one dollar. My family loves books but as we all know when traveling in an RV we can’t keep every single book we want. We usually buy a book or two each, read it and re gift it.

089One thing I love about the Lebanon Public Library is the free wifi. So if you have your own laptop, IPOD, Tablet or what ever technological gadget you work from the wifi is free. On certain days the wifi connection is slow but certainly not slow like dial up. Again I’ve been to some libraries where the connection felt like dial up so as far as this library goes I give it a thumbs up. The set up is pretty nice too. You have everything from a private area, to connect to the wifi, to connecting in the outdoors. There is a section that offers privacy, a cozy area in the open with three tables (each table has four chairs) and a lighted lamp; which I always turn off because of the glare. While the library has large windows it doesn’t seem to be too much of a glare to cause a problem. However, along the back wall there are a few tables that sit right at the windows. I don’t recommend using those tables as the glare causes headaches. One of the things I do like about this library is they offer free wifi in their court yard. So even if the library is closed you can either sit in the parking lot and connect free or use their scenic court yard. Again the glare thing might be an issue but there is some shade. On those warm sunny days it would be really nice to sit under the shade of the coverings and either read a good book or be online; now days you can do both – read a good book online.

I like this library because it’s more of a family friendly library; not stuffy. I don’t get the shhh no talking what so ever this is a library what are you thinking talking at a library feeling. Although if I have a project where I need complete quiet you might not find that here. The library is well laid out so I’m sure you can find a quiet corner to curl up in with a good book. The staff here is friendly and helpful. When in the area my family and I will defiantly visit the Lebanon Public Library again.

The Library is located at 101 South Broadway, Lebanon, Ohio,
at the corner of West Main Street and South Broadway, across Main Street from The Golden Lamb.

How To Clean An RV Vent Fan

Watch and learn as the RV Geeks show you how to remove, clean and reinstall a Fantastic vent fan in your RVing motorhome.

The fans are used so often and move so much air, that they get really dirty.  Once a year or so, the RV Geeks like to remove and super-clean theres.  In this video they will show you how to make your Fantastic fans look like new.

Having an exhaust fan in your motorhome, travel trailer or fifth wheel is terrific for saving on air conditioning use in the summer, and for removing moisture from the camper in colder weather.

Removing and replacing the fans to give them a really good cleaning requires no special tools or knowledge, and can easily be completed in a half hour or less. Be sure to confirm that all methods
and materials used are compatible with your particular RV.

One Question Asked About This Video That You May Find Helpful Was!

How did you raise and lower the fan cover without running the fan?

And here’s the answer….

Our model of Fantastic fan has a manual control knob. You pull down on it, and then rotate it by hand to raise and lower the lid. When done, you push it back up to re-engage the motor that raises & lowers it automatically. Your fan may be different, as Fantastic has several different models (or maybe you have a different brand). Hope this helps.


Home Schooling For Full Time RV Living

Homeschooling classical is a route many parents take when choosing what option is best for home schooling their children. Learn how classical home schooling works for families experiencing full time RV living.

As you’re preparing to go on the road RVing, your child’s education is important. While you have many options, one is a homeschooling classical education. Many parents choose to go with classical home schooling because they have heard that this method, based on history, is an excellent, comprehensive plan of action.

While homeschooling classical education is definitely a great option, it’s not necessarily the only one or even the best one to consider for your kids. However, it is one of the options that should be considered to ensure you make an informed decision while full time RV living.

To help you decide if this is an option that will work for you and your family, here is a closer look at classical home schooling, materials needed, and the pros and cons to consider.

What is Homeschooling Classical Education?

First, you need to familiarize yourself with what a homeschooling classical education really is.

Basically this form of education uses a three part process to help train or education the mind.

This form involves three stages, including the “Grammar Stage,” the “Logic Stage,” and the “Rhetoric Stage.”

During the first stage, which involves the first years of schooling, kids absorb facts.

This is called the “Grammar Stage” because this is the point in time when their foundation for further learning is going to be laid. It teaches kids to learn to absorb information and helps to build a foundation for the next part of a homeschooling classical education.

The “Logic Stage” focuses on teaching kids to think through arguments. Analytical thinking is taught, which requires kids to ask “Why?” Cause and effect is important and kids learn about the way facts all fit together within a framework.

The last stage of classical home schooling is the “Rhetoric Stage,” which is a stage that builds on the other two. This is the point when students are learning about expression and how to speak and write to express conclusions.

It’s at this point where students may start specializing in one area of knowledge, which can occur at a college, at a technical school, or other learning institution.

Through a homeschooling classical education, students are exposed to art, culture, history, languages, literature, and more.

The rigorous study that is involved helps to build virtue in students and allows them to learn as they go on through life, since they have learned proper learning and reasoning skills.

What Materials are Needed to Start?

If you plan to get involved with classical homeschooling, there are going to be some materials you’ll need before you start.

If you want to offer your children a homeschool classical education, it’s imperative that you read the book called “The Well Trained Mind.”

This book is known as the backbone of the classical education movement.

This book is also important because it will go through education year by year, offering advice on what materials and books will be needed and how to use this style to education your children while full time RV living.

After you decide that you are going to provide your children with a homeschool classical education, there are many resources and books that you are going to need to purchase.

You’ll need books that will help you appropriately teach your children, not to mention all the materials needed for your child to use during classical homeschooling.

The Pros and Cons

When trying to decide if a homeschool classical education is for you and your children, look at the pros and cons first.

This way you have the information you need to make a good decision while full time RV living.

Pro #1 – Well Rounded Education One of the main pros is that this option does provide your child with a well rounded education.

It is detailed and will definitely be helpful for most children in the future.

Pro #2 – Prepare Kids for College Another benefit is that this option also helps you to prepare kids for college. Colleges love well rounded homeschooling programs, which means your children will be ready for what is ahead of them.

Pro #3 – Connects with History You’ll also find that a classical education connects with history on a huge scale – more than most other home education philosophies.

Con #1 – Uses Many Books and Materials The main con for RVers is that a homeschool classical education uses many books and materials. Space is so limited, and having a huge amount of materials to store can be tough.

Con #2 – Takes a Lot of Time When you’re out there RVing, you may not have a lot of time to devote to an intensive homeschooling curriculum. Classical home schooling does take a lot of time, especially to do it right. This may not be the best option for those Rving who have limited time.

Con #3 – Can Be Expensive The expense is one of the big cons that makes parents decide against this option. Purchasing all the materials can quickly add up and it can be tough to find deals on materials or to use library resources when you’re on the road RVing.

There is no doubt that a homeschool classical education has many benefits. However, for RVers, it may not be the most practical option. Classical home schooling has much to offer, but if it doesn’t work with your lifestyle or with the learning styles of your children, it will simply be a waste of time and money.

Free Textbooks – Download Over 5000 Different Subjects And Disciplines

Welcome – Michael Skagen – Guest Blog Post:

My name is Michael and I am the CEO and Founder of Touch Textbooks.

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