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Fulltime RVers Travel Blogs Webring

We are extremely excited to be administering this opportunity on behalf of to bring more traffic to your RV travel blogs – whether you are a seasoned full-time RVer, new to life on the road, or making plans to get on the road in the future – you are welcome here! We encourage you to join us and add your own blog or website to our ring so that we can build value for the community and more visitors to your site!

You will find below detailed instructions on how this all works – but if you are familiar with Webrings already – feel free to jump in and get started right away.

Click here to add your blog or site to our Webring:




Think of it as a circle of friends all holding hands that all share a common interest or topic in their lives and on their sites. The Webring – accessed by a small navigation box that each participant puts on their blog (or website) – connects one site to the next automatically, so all the work is done for you. When visitors are enjoying your site, they also have the option to browse other sites in the Webring – thus building a strong community and allowing thousands more visitors to discover what your site has to offer.


It’s a very simple process. These are the steps you will take (see “STEP-BY-STEP INSTRUCTIONS” below for more details):

  • 1.  You will fill out a form with your site information
  • 2.  You will then receive a small bit of code to put on your blog/site to make the Webring Navigation Box appear.
  • 3.  We are notified of your submission and will approve your listing once we have confirmed the Webring Navigation Box is on your site.


In order to participate we ask everyone to adhere to these simple guidelines:

  • ~ Yes – it’s 100% FREE TO JOIN!
  • ~ Your blog or website can be personal or professional as long as it is in some manner related to the RV Lifestyle, Full-Time RVing, or Planning and Prep stages to go on the road full-time.
  • ~ If you are a full-time RVer and part of our community, but your site is on another topic we will review those on a case by case basis with flexibility in mind.
  • ~ You will be required to have the Webring Navigation Box appear in the sidebar on the main page and subsequent pages of your site. It should be easy to find, otherwise it defeats the purpose of the community sharing benefits of a Webring. We suggest you do not put it in your footer as scrolling down long pages on sites make this cumbersome.
  • ~ We ask you to Contact Us if you ever move your site, change domain names or if your site is offline for any period of time. We will periodically check sites to make sure the Navigation Boxes are in place – but notifying us of any problems will help reduce maintenance on our side. Sites that are live and not displaying the Webring Navigation Box will be subject to removal. (If you are having issues with your site, just let us know as we are able to deactivate your site temporarily and reactivate when your issues have been resolved.)
  • ~ HAVE FUN WITH IT! We have many exciting plans as our Webring grows – including promoting it to various directories as well as running contests for cash and prizes to our Webring community – so please do join us in this beneficial project!


Even though our Webring format is pretty simple, we understand that not everyone is on the same level technically – but don’t worry – we are here to help!

Below you will find a set of step-by-step detailed instructions, including how to contact us if you need us to do it for you. But please try it for yourself first and let us know if you run into any difficulties.

Step 1:

When you CLICK HERE to Signup – you will see a screen like this – we’ve populated the fields with an actual signup example, so you can see what to enter. (You can click on the image below to enlarge it in a new window):

Step 2:

Once you have filled out the form above, you will then see Welcome screen like the image below. Notice on this screen that it is telling you that you will receive an email confirmation. If you do not see this email in your inbox – check your spam folder. Before you leave this page however, also note that to the left of the screen, there is a button to get your “code” that you will insert in the sidebar on your site. See the next step for details. (Click on image to enlarge in a new window):


Step 3:

We recommend that you click the “Get Code” button before leaving the page above – even if you are not yet ready to insert the code into your site. Once you click get code, you can copy it to a notepad file and save it for later or head straight to your site to insert it to expedite your approval process. Either way, you will need this code, so you might as well grab it while you are at this stage. To get the code you see in the box below, you are simply highlighting everything in the code box and doing a copy/paste. Make sure you select ALL the code – from top to bottom. If you have difficulty selecting it – you can put your mouse cursor inside the code box and Right Click and choose “Select All” and then Copy. (Click on image to enlarge in a new window):

Step 4:

Once you have copied your code, you will head over to your site to insert the code. Unfortunately, with 100s of types of sites, there is no way we can instruct you on where or how to add the code for your specific site – however, if you have ever added anything to your sidebars before – this is the same process you will use this time. For a Blogger blog, it is called using a “Gadget” and for WordPress it is called a “Widget.” If you have problems with this step, you can also Google “How to add a banner to my xyz site” where xyz is the type of site you have (i.e., Blogger, WordPress, MoveableType, LiveJournal, and so on.)

When you have successfully completed this step – this is what you will see on your sidebar – CONGRATULATIONS – YOU’RE DONE!:

Step 5:

This is the “cry for help” step! If you have tried Steps 1-4 above and are still having problems – we’ve got you covered!

We can put your code in your blog for you, but in order to do so, you are going to have to provide us with additional details and access to your blog. (And don’t panic – we’ve done confidential work for major clients for years, so your sites and secrets are safe and confidential with us!)

If you need us to do it for you – send us a contact request by CLICKING HERE.

In the contact request, you MUST INCLUDE the following:

  • ALL of the info you filled out in Step 1 above
  • The code you copy/pasted in #3 above
  • The URL to login to the Admin for your site/blog
  • The Admin User Name & Password
  • That’s it – we’ll do the rest for you

If you omit any of the information above, it will delay our ability to assist you – so please be thorough.


We are thrilled to have you join us and have tried to make the process as streamlined as possible. If you have any general questions, suggestions or feedback – please never hesitate to contact us here: CONTACT FORM.

We hope you have safe travels where ever your wheels take you and look forward to crossing paths with you someday!

Happy Travels!
FTRVing Team