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Amazing Oak Park- Minot, ND


On the north side of Minot North Dakota is a unique city park that is a welcome stop on a hot day. While travelling to Alaska we decided to head north into Saskatchewan at Portal, ND. This route took us from US-2 into Minot. After hitting the city limits we decided to stretch our legs but it was 97 degrees outside. After a few google searches and tips from locals we found Oak Park. At first it didn’t seem like much as there was nothing visible from the entrance except trees and construction, but at the east end of the park the fun was found.
After entering the park follow the signs for the playground, which is impressive as well, and follow the narrow road to the parking area. You will pass some of the parks other attractions on the way but we will get back to those. When you park in front of you will be a clean, modern, and safe playground swarming with little ones. The playground has four play areas spread across more than an acre of ground. On the west side of the grounds are the swings and nestled behind them is the gem of the park. Covering an area about the size of an Olympic pool is a “Splash Pad.” The pad is surrounded by fence and is entirely cemented. In the center of the pad is an assortment of water features including sprinklers, fountains and water jets of various sizes. The features are fairly well spread out but when packed with a hundred or so frenzied kids it can still get a little crowded! The pad is well drained so even your littlest ones will have a safe place to splash and play.
The rest of the park is not to be overlooked, especially during summer weekends. While we were there the pavilion to the south west of the play area was having a medieval music festival complete with a lute playing jester! I was told that most weekends and some week days the park will have various musical performers. Because the music in the park has become so popular the park is in the beginning stages of building a large open air amphitheater in the center of the grounds. In front of the current stage there are several benches, a couple picnic tables, three permanent grills, and a lot of grass for seating. There are also several sand volleyball courts in the park and nice paved hiking trails.
The west end of the park winds along the bank of the Souris River and has many picnic pavilions that can be reserved through the city. The west end of the park also hosts the Girl Scout’s Camp Owetti, which is tucked in the Oak Grove on the south end of the park.
The entire park is a welcome respite on a hot day, whether you choose to play at the splash pad with the kiddos or simply take a stroll through the Oak and Ash trees throughout the park, you will find relief from the heat.
splash pad


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