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Acadia Boat Tours- Acadia National Park


There are so many different activities that you can try in and around Acadia National Park. We have enjoyed hiking, biking, and several tours.
Both of us enjoy fishing, so we decided to sign up for a fishing tour with Acadian Boat Tours. They offer a variety of tours including nature cruises, puffins and lighthouses and sea birds, and fishing trips. The trips depart from the Atlantic Oceanside Hotel in Bar Harbor. The ticket booth sits in the Hotel parking lot, and there is a parking area on site for those going on the tours.
We chose a 3 hour fishing trip departing at 5:30pm. The weather was perfect, sunshine and blue skies! We were excited to be going out on the boat on such a gorgeous afternoon!
One very important thing to remember about planning to go on a boat tour is to pack extra layers! The temperature out on the water is typically much cooler than it is on land. Be sure to pack a long sleeve shirt for sun protection, a sweatshirt, and or a warm water proof jacket. We started out wearing long sleeve shirts and jeans. I noticed people boarding the boat wearing only shorts and a T-shirt, they are going to wish they had more clothes!
The boat crew started the boarding process about 15 minutes before departure. The fishing poles were already set up, and spaced evenly around the boat. There were probably close to 25-30 poles. We found a spot on the side of the boat, and stowed our backpacks in the cabin. We had also packed some snacks and water since we were going to be out for several hours. The boat did have a small snack bar with basic chips, peanuts, water, etc. After a brief safety talk from the captain the boat pulled away from the dock into Frenchman Bay.
I noticed there were artificial jigs on the poles. The crew said it is a “jigging boat”, they do not use any live bait. The hooks were not very large, and there were 3 hooks tied on each pole with a weight. We motored out into the Bay. When the boat finally slowed, the captain announced to go ahead and “drop our lines”. During the ride out into the Bay, the crew had come around and explained how to open the bail to let out the line on the pole. There was no need to cast our line out. We just let the line drop straight down next to the boat. We were fishing at depths of 30-60 feet. The line spun quickly off the reel and into the depths.
We moved around the Bay in several locations before finding a sweet spot. The fish were hitting our jigs as fast as we dropped them down to the bottom. People on the boat were pulling fish out 2 at a time on their lines. We finally got a few bites and caught several small Pollack fish. A few other’s caught Mackerel. While moving from spot to spot we saw various sea birds, duck, and lobster traps. There were also a few Bald Eagles that we spotted. The deck hand threw a fish up into the air, and when the Eagle saw it he swooped down to the water and grabbed it with his talons!
Once the sun started setting it started getting much cooler out on the water. We were glad we had jackets to put on! As the sun dropped lower, the captain told us our fishing had come to an end and he steered the boat back to the dock.
We would have liked to have gotten a little more action with catching fish, but overall we really enjoyed being out on the water. We hope to try another one of their tours in the future!


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